2015 Mazda RX-9 Review and Release Date

The Japanese brand name seriously considers the possible launch of the successor of the RX-7. The new sports coupe, the 2015 Mazda RX-9, will take the top model position for Mazda, and, on the idea that engineers will be able to toss a suitable challenge in the face of the competing Nissan Z. In this case, the automobile will receive a timeless design with two seats, which will be significantly different from the Mazda RX-8 in terms of philosophy – at Mazda, they want to offer a certain novelty, brand-new to an uncompromising racer.


Obviously, in terms of the power plant for the 2015 Mazda RX-9, a proposal will be made for the Wankel rotary engine, which has currently become a staple for Mazdas sport line. It is not clear whether a supercharged or turbocharged unit will be used. The last option would be more affordable, however there are questions about the dependability.

At this point a decision on the 2015 Mazda RX-9 is not confirmed – in the company they would like to examine the financial scenario worldwide, before making substantial financial investments in its most innovative project.

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